SAP Convergent Charging

Two words, Rating and Charging. That’s what SAP Convergent Charging is all about.

Rating refers to all the calculation mechanism of coming up with the total bill amount.

While, Charging refers to which account that will be charged against for a particular customer. For example, other than your mobile phone, you might also subscribe to a supplementary line, or you have another internet broadband account with the same company. Notice that they come in with separate bills and have different account id or account number! The Charging process will know which services you use and selects the correct account to charge you with.

These two terms are heavily used  in all the SAP CC documentations. So, better get the terms right!

So the next question you might ask is how it looks like?


Yes, apparently this is how it looks like. Once the installation is done, the sapmmc console is used to start the SAP CC server instances.

Luckily, SAP CC comes with a tool that provides the interface for configuration. The tool is called Core Tool and in a standard installation, it is saved in the directory below.


Just double click on the core_tool.bat and voilà!


The instructor will provide you with the Log On id and Password if you are lucky enough to enroll for the SAP CC training. But even if you don’t have the system, this website will provide you with all the step by step screenshots.

Note that there is a big difference in architecture here compared to the normal SAP configuration. If you are familiar with SAP implementation guide on transaction SPRO, and have accessed the SAP GUI before, you will notice that multiple users can gain access to the SAP system and one time and multiple configuration can be done by different user at the same time.

Well, for SAP CC, that’s all not gonna happen. One user only!. And the whole configuration interface will not look like your favourite SPRO. In fact, you should not be comparing SAP CC to SAP ECC or SAP CRM configuration at all. Because,..


..,this is your so called SAP CC spro or correctly termed as the core tool.

For the coming next chapter, mostly all of the configuration will be done using this tool.


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